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10 Fast growing Countries for Business Today 2017

A Quick recap from a Previous Post on Best Place to do Business Today 2017 ;

Top ten countries to Startup or Expand your business today, these countries will be categorized into two;
1.Highly Developed,

                                                Highly Develop
Ranking the following countries is based on the Human Development Index which is usually referred to as HDI.Check out the list for Highly Develop countries to do Business today.

7.New Zealand
5.United States
                   See more detail here :-


The rating of this Countries was done in accordance to the World Bank's latest edition of Global Economic Prospects.They are listed below;

10. Philippians
 9.  Myanmar
 8.  Cambodia
 7.  Laos
 6.  Djibouti
 5.  Tanzania
 4.  India
 3.  Nepal
 2.  Uzbekistan
 1.  Ethiopia

Ethiopia- 8.3%
 Ethiopia is the fastest-growing economy in 2017, according to the World Bank’s latest edition of Global Economic Prospects.
Ethiopia’s GDP is forecast to grow by 8.3% in 2017. By contrast, global growth is projected to be 2.7%.
The East African country’s accelerating growth comes on the back of government spending on infrastructure.
However, borrowing to finance Ethiopia’s large public infrastructure projects has led to a rise in public debt, which increased by more than 10% of GDP between 2014 and 2016, and now exceeds 50% of GDP.
Many emerging market economies have high levels of public debt, and the World Bank says it is concerned about this because it could drag down growth.
Worsening drought conditions could also affect Ethiopia's growth, says the report.          

Uzbekistan- 7.6%

Uzbekistan has the second-fastest-growing economy, with projected growth of 7.6% thanks to rising oil prices, begin global financing conditions, robust growth in the Euro Area, and generally supportive policies among governments of several large countries in the region.
     On Business:- 
The Republic of Uzbekistan is a leading industrial country in Central Asia. The distinctive features of the country are highly developed automobile, airplane and machine building, metallurgy, natural gas and oil processing, chemical, textiles, food processing and other industries.   


Nepal is next, with a 7.5% projection. Nepal’s growth has rebounded stronglyfollowing a good monsoon, reconstruction efforts after the 2015 earthquake and normalization of trade with India, says the Bank.
Nepal got too crisis all around electricity, water, fuel, communication, inflation. Remember crisis is an opportunity for an entrepreneur, and for us to become a multi-millionaire while serving Nepal and beyond.

Reasons to Invest;
There are many reasons why you should start your business in Nepal like number of educated people are increasing day by day which has resulted in increase in number of job seekers, people with new innovative ideas, hardworking,enthusiastic people Nepal has capacity in various sectors that helps you to earn billions of dollar. For e.g. electricity, tourism,agro-based industry.

India- 7.2%
India is the fourth-fastest-growing economy with 7.2% projected growth, thanks in part to a rise in exports and an increase in government spending. Business boom in India with various investment opportunities on an international level.
Among the other top 10 performers are Djibouti and Laos with 7% and Cambodia, the Philippines and Myanmar with 6.9%.
China, despite experiencing a slowdown and an economic transition, was in 16th place with 6.5% expected growth, helped by robust consumption and a recovery of exports.



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